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Our biz is simple. We're in it for you.


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1. As an engaged and considerate member of the global community, YOU want to make the world a better place. You deserve support and your favorite causes need support.


2. WE develop and/or source considerate, sustainable products for you --- hoping to make the world a better place.

3. OUR mutual goal to improve the global community is attainable when you purchase products that consider you before anything else. We make them available here and assign a portion of each purchase to the partnering movement or organization of your choice.


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Busy Bawdy features soothing, multifunctional compression bodysuits to address a gap in the women's apparel market. Each garment is designed to look "like new" after 20 washes.


Bittyrina supports active kids,  through the development of high-quality adaptive and kid-approved gear, literature, and programming.


A pop-up bouquet, trinket, and concessions experience, 

The Bitty Bravo specializes in helping supporters make a child's proudest moments their most impactful experiences. 

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If our missions align, we should collab

We believe in taking our time and making space for devout, human-centered consideration. By creating products and services that support you, we hope to make it easier to support the organizations and initiatives you love.


Do you have a considerate product to add to our marketplace or would you like your organization to benefit from one of our available products and/or services? Contact We Consider You LLC.

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