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Women's clothing and undergarments lacked consideration, so B. Lin Murphy created The Bawdy Filter

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Women are the foundation of society. 

We deserve considerate and supportive 

clothing." B. Lin Murphy created

The Bawdy Filter to support multi-dimensional women. 

Women were busier than ever in 2020.


We are an ambitious combination of caretakers, owners, inventors, founders, movers, shakers, and bakers. Women are creators. The variety of roles we execute on a daily basis confounds the masses. On some days, we surprise ourselves.

The good thing is we anticipated this. Our vision boards, goal charts, and journals indicate that we have actually planned nearly every moment that fruitions. The movement and complexity of our daily lives is the effect of our stretch to master personal and professional goals. 

I am one of the busy women who wear many hats by day, and a couple of those hats don't come off at night. One night in 2019, while mentally planning how I would conquer the next day, I considered how much time and effort I would save if I owned a one-step outfit.


Specifically, I needed a flattering and comfortably supportive garment that would not require ironing, matching, undergarments and shape wear. I needed it to be durable and to wash well. I craved a garment that I could jump right into after showering, because I was tired of being the last in the carpool line at my daughter's school. 

In the middle of the night, I searched online hoping to purchase such a considerate garment and was prepared to replace all the less considerate clothing in my closet. 


My search was unsuccessful. Lo and behold, I deduced that clothing has not evolved as quickly as we have. Most garments made for women do not match our resilience.


Time is precious. Flimsy tops, thin fabrics, shrinking pants and fading blacks do not consider that. 


Out of my discomfort and disillusionment, The Bawdy Filter was born. 

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