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Care Instructions for your bawdy filter are pretty simple. Treat her well and she'll keep supporting you :)

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I have washed my bawdy filter so many times, and it is still in top-notch shape. 

Love her and she'll love you back!

  • How should I wear my bawdy filter? You can step into your bawdy filter without unzipping it, but to feel its supportive design in action... unzip, step in, and use the removable branded zipper pull to access your BFF's gift to you -- a Bawdy Boost.

  • Do I need undergarments? Wearing undergarments with your bawdy filter is optional. Its treated, antimicrobial material is breathable and will minimize odor, sweat, and moisture. If you want to experience added support and/or an enhanced lift, add your fav bra/sportsbra, shaper, binder, or waist trainer.


  • How do I style my bawdy filter? Well, that's up to you, Busy Bawdy! We provide the palette, and we know you'll add the sauce. Just know that The Bawdy Filter will support you in your sneakers, stilettos, and even when you're chillin' barefoot.

  • How should I clean my bawdy filter? Machine wash with warm water and hang dry to extend each garment's lifespan. Tumble dry is acceptable, but may increase the garment's compression.

  • Who should I contact if there's an issue with my garment? Please contact us at if you have a question about your bawdy filter. We'd also like to hear about your experience caring for your garments. Do you have any recommendations? Let us know! 

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