• Toot it with sneaks or boots, The Bawdy Filter's Commuter Capri has pants that extend to the middle of your shins. With a little more coverage and increased versatility, these capris will give your legs a bit more of a squeeze! Busy Bawdies have lots of traveling to do, and this Bawdy Filter is the perfect outfit for it.


    Made with care to hug your curves and firm, The Bawdy Filter's Commuter Capri uses a unique design to cinch your waist and limit jiggles. Anti-microbial fabric makes it multi-dimensional and perfect for varying activities. A waist-cinching zipper pulls you in and helps "snatch" your abdomen. The supportive mid-section includes built-in shapewear, while the rest of the garment features sturdy, gentle compression to minimize unwanted bumps and dents.


    Our favorite part? As with all Bawdy Filters... panties and bra are not required. We've done our best to help you feel comfortable while wearing them without either!


    The Commuter Capri

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    • Our size chart is here.

      • Order based on your American dress size for a form-fitting, compressed fit.
      • For a snug and more compressed fit, size down using your American dress size as a basis.
      • Machine wash with warm water and hang dry to extend each garment's lifespan. Tumble dry is acceptable, but may increase the garment's compression.

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