Need a 'fit as unique and hardworking as you? We've got you covered!


Tell us your dress size, weight, and height. Then, select your bawdy filter's style and choose a poppin' color. 


Where do you carry your weight? Let us know in the notes,  and we'll do our best to craft a bawdy filter that will do your bawdy right. E-mail us directly, if it's easier.


FYI: Your selected 501(c)(3) organization will earn 7% (instead of 5%) on each "Get Creative" Custom 'Fit order!


Made with care to hug your curves and firm, The Bawdy Filter's patent-pending bodysuits use a unique design to cinch your waist and limit jiggles. Anti-microbial fabric makes them multi-dimensional and perfect for active days. A waist-cinching zipper pulls you in and helps "snatch" your abdomen. The supportive mid-section includes built-in shapewear, while the rest of the garment features sturdy, gentle compression to minimize unwanted bumps and dents.


Our favorite part? As with all Bawdy Filters... panties and bra are not required. We've done our best to help you feel comfortable while wearing them without either!

"Get Creative" Custom 'Fit

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Bawdy Filter Style
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    • "Get Creative" Custom 'Fit bawdy filters may take up to four weeks to produce and cannot be returned.
    • Machine wash with warm water and hang dry to extend each garment's lifespan. Tumble dry is acceptable, but may increase the garment's compression.

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