The Bawdy Filter's anti-microbial bodysuits make staying home easier

Featuring built-in undergarments and comfortable compression, bawdy filters ease busy days for dynamic women and their unique bodies.

The Bawdy Filter's founder, B. Lin Murphy, wanted to take the stress out of getting dressed. As an entrepreneur, inventor, author, and mother, she needed clothing that is suitable for different occasions without sacrificing comfort or style. One hectic morning, Murphy resolved that every woman could use an “all-you-need” garment that considers her curves—and the curve balls that life is known to throw.

Now, Murphy hopes that The Bawdy Filter’s patent-pending bodysuits will help women address their most pressing needs in an unfamiliar climate. The emergence of COVID-19 has unimaginably changed the lives of women around the world. However, some things never change.

“We are expected to do more than ever during times like these. The lesson that I have learned is that it is possible to be exhausted and overwhelmed within the confines of my home. We may not be able to leave the house, but our obligations have multiplied. Expectations have not waned in the midst of mayhem,” she noted.

The fashion world has grown over the years, witnessing several transformations and evolutions as different clothing lines and other creative minds design and market their unique creations. However, while fashion lovers have continued to enjoy the best of creativity in recent times, no clothing brand has been able to effectively address the practical needs of the multi-dimensional woman. This is where B. Lin is looking to make a difference with the founding of The Bawdy Filter.

The brand’s comfortable bodysuits were thoughtfully created with mixed compression levels that target popular problem areas and free a woman’s favorite assets. The bodysuits were all designed to lift and accentuate natural beauty. Their unique design cinches the waist and limits jiggles. Some of the bodysuits include built-in shapewear, and every garment features sturdy, gentle compression to minimize unwanted bumps and dents.
A key feature of each garment is the high-quality, anti-microbial fabric.

B. Lin explained, “I intentionally used soft and durable anti-microbial fabric, because I want each bodysuit to withstand the test of time. I want these garments to serve as companions to women when they find themselves entering unchartered territory… Even when that unchartered territory is at home.”

The Bawdy Filter’s collection includes five versatile styles in a variety of colors, each designed and manufactured in Los Angeles using hand-picked materials.

In addition to providing a blend of functionality and fashion with the novel bodysuits, the brand provides customers with the opportunity to donate a portion of their purchase to their favorite non-profit.

About The Bawdy Filter
The Bawdy Filter was founded in 2019 by B. Lin Murphy to address her personal difficulties with clothing. After her fruitless search on the internet for a one-step outfit, B. Lin launched The Bawdy Filter, featuring comfortable, wearable compression designed to ease busy days for dynamic women.

About B. Lin Murphy
Born and raised in south Chicagoland, B. Lin Murphy knew early on that her life’s path would be one of her own creation. She attended Florida A&M University and earned a business degree in 2008. To prepare for the many facets of entrepreneurship, she worked in accounting and finance by day and attended law school at night. B. Lin moved to Los Angeles after law school to begin her career as a professional innovator. She now runs three businesses, has authored three children’s books, and works in innovation for one of the world’s largest brands. Her personal mission in life is to solve problems through compulsive experimentation and creation.


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